Areas of Intervention:

Interventions are based on Programmes areas, Short  and long –term planning. These include the following organization programmes

  • Treatment ,care and Support of orphans and Vulnerable children which cover the following areas, Child Abuse and Neglect programmes Immunization and prevention of diseases adopted by Ministry of Health, Family Planning and Family life Education, Provision of Vocational and Education Scholarship programme s and not limited to the above.
  •  Strengthening Health; Secure livelihood (Empowerment) of widows and vulnerable community.

Organization Area of Concern Includes;

  • To Support Widows through provision of revolving Micro Credit scheme, Extension of Agricultural Programmes and Cooperative Societies accessible to the Widows of local Materials to the widows.
  • To combat stigma, supp
  • To provide shelter by use of local building source from the locality materials.
  • To combat stigma ,support ,prevention and increase the availability of treatment, care and support for the infected and affected by HIV/AIDS Pandemic, as well as increasing widows and vulnerable access to appropriate information and services to support Behavioral change and prevention of HIV infection, reduction in the impact of HIV/AIDS among widows and Vulnerable communities and improving quality of people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS
  •   Mainstreaming  Gender in Adolescence Health
  • Extending Distant Adult Education in Skilful Programmes and Providing People with Disability Economic livelihoods.
  • To provide Straight Talk literature through Counselling and communication strategies and social responsibility, advocacy lobbying for the poor and disadvantaged

RURAL WIDOWS AND ORPHANS FOUNDATION (RUWOF) Inc is pleased to submit this humble request for consideration for Strengthening RUWOF Programmes. This document  is submitted for Funding / Scheme Grant to strengthen Treatment , care and support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children and enhance health ,secure Livelihoods / economic Empowerment of Widows and Vulnerable Communities, including economic of  disability Support  further define the needs and develop suitable and appropriate remedial interventions.

Focused on organization and management capacity development for the Widows ,Orphans and youth Support, RUWOF is experienced in facilitating and supporting human and organization development interventions to enhance staff performance and achievement and to increase organizational effectiveness. The mix of our in-house and outsourced expertise in rural and Widows, Orphans and the Youth development and our experience in working with the similar organizations well position us. In addition to the proposals made, we remain open to discuss other aspects or additional areas that Rural Widow and Orphans Foundation Inc may see as necessary, after reviewing this document.

In the following sections, we have set out the background of  our operations as we understand it, the strategy and technical approach we propose to employ in response to the stated requirements, and the capability of RUWOF to undertake the core support of Widows, Orphans and Vulnerable youth among others.


Strengthening support for Widows, Orphans and Vulnerable Children came into being in 1998 as a project funded by Dr Hilary Ibe to support and reduce severe impact of poverty on the lives and livelihood of poor people. The project is structured to span a five-year period expiring by 2014 to achieve Vision 2020. The purpose of the project is to achieve continued development and implementation of an effective multi-sectoral, adequately resourced, evidence and rights-based Nigerian response to support the Vulnerable Widows, Orphans and the youth. RUWOF primary goal is to reduce   poverty on the lives and livelihoods of poor  and disadvantaged people in the entire State of Nigeria by Vision 2020 The RUWOF Programmes seeks to enhance t
The Rural Widows and Orphans Foundation have formulated a 5 year Strategic   work Plan to guide the implementation of actions that reduce the prevalence and mitigate the impact of poverty using multi programme approaches. In order to determine specific changes in the operations and capacity of RUWOF amid organisational capacity assessment was conducted and a report submitted in December 2008. The findings still revealed a number of issues relating to institutional operations, structure and human resources. Amongst the findings are inadequate staffing, the committee status of RUWOF which is a militating factor against it operations,  strengthening capacity building of staff about their jobs and other responsibilities, management information Systems and reporting lines are not well defined, manpower planning policy that defines human resource related requirements and conditions and non functional board and structure, including sufficient donor base to undertake findings to Supplement our  resources in programme implementations.

Consequently, Rural Widows and Orphans Foundation Inc is renewing its mandate and efforts at further supporting Vulnerable Widows, Orphans and Youth through the establishment of Widows and Orphans Protection Commission and to provide for the other matters relating thereto This  Widows and Orphans protection Commission  shall be  a  body corporate with perpetual succession, having a common seal and power to sue and to be sued in its corporate name and to own, hold and dispose of property whether moveable or immovable .

The Commission will be represented as follows;

  •  A representative from the Federal Civil Service Commission.
  •  A representative from the Federal Ministry of Finance.
  •  A representative from the National Council of Women’s Societies.
  •  A representative from the ministry responsible for the Women Affairs and Social Development
  • A representative of Widow from the six geo-political zones and an Orphan

each from the six geo-political zones of the country and the Chairman
appointed by president of the Country on recommendation of the minister
Responsible for Women Affairs among others.

Rural Widows and Orphans Foundation ( RUWOF) Inc is a non- profit making organization established to fight poverty within the disadvantaged widows –orphans and the youth within the Nigerian Communities through economic livelihoods and provision of better Health Services.
RUWOF was founded in 1998 and incorporated into the Non-Governmental organization sector in 2006 and fully logged in the internet for public viewing.
Creating an environment in which vulnerable widows, orphans and the youth become self-reliant and avoid being oppressed.

To establish the empowering interventions in supporting widows, orphans and the youth in the communities by the year 2020.

Summary of Strategic specific objectives and plans of the New year 2009-2014

  • To Strengthen the Health of Widows, Orphans and Vulnerable Children through care and medical treatment.
  • To provide vocational Skills and Education scholarship programmes.
  • To set up Accessible revolving micro credit facilities for the youth and Widows.
  • To partner with Communities, and other agencies to provide shelter by use of local materials.
  • To strengthen the advocacy and lobbying for widows and orphans through print and Electronic media.
  • To enhance the widows, orphans and vulnerable children affected by social and economic disaster through provision of financial and relief support
  • To provide straight talk literature through counselling information, education communication and legal support.
  • To partner with local, national and international agencies in   developing Agricultural programmes and cooperative societies accessible to widows and vulnerable

Rural Widows and Orphans Foundation Strength at the Grass root
Below are the resources the organisation has so far done as strategy to strengthen the efforts of Widows, Orphans and Vulnerable Youth in Nigeria Sub-regions.


RUWOF Strength.

  •  we have constructed  Ruwof H/qters ,a Comprehensive 3 storeyed building ,accommodating Administrative offices and Conference Hall able to, accommodate 3000 widows, Orphans and Youth activities.
  • Double floor accommodating 4000 Layers(Bird),Four floor Charter Guest house ,accommodating supportive and senior staff of RUWOF  located within H/Qtrs ,Owerri ,Imo State
  •   Ruwof has implemented Aqua project within the H/qtrs  with a total of 2000 different types of species of fish built in  five different ponds
  •  We have acquired a building Premises at CELTEL, MBORA Estate, Airport road ,used for as linking and networking office and accommodation in Abuja  Nigeria with full installation power systems.
  • The Organization has built a comprehensive website for purposes of networking with local, national and international organizations, including Government Agencies among others.


Poultry Firm at Bukuru Poultry Farm with i5,000Layers(Bird) at Jos Plateau State with fully fledged machinery Equipments ,like Generator, Feed Mills including dog rearing departments with   office premises
.A Lorry and 4 seater Corona Cars to supplement Organization Programmes including 45Seater Bus for Outreach Programmes.
The organisation has acquired land at the Headquarters, currently used  for Agricultural programmes to boast a multiplier project, supported by International Institute of Tropical Agriculture-IITA,5000m2 at Aba State and two Hectres in Gyel Jos Plateau Local Government Administration Plateau State.
Ruwof has five computers and 4 Laptops fully connected to MTN internet to supplement our Website networking, including two digital cameras of video and portrait for covering RUWOF activities.
A generator at RUWOF Hqtrs to supplement power supply, motor vehicle Pool for maintence, water bore hole with eight head tanks and Resource Centre used for Research and References, we also hire our Basement as source of income to Tophiro Company, Oil and Animal Feeds suppliers in Owerri, Imo State.
RUWOF Produces Quarterly magazine source of medium of enlightening the public on our programmes and issues affecting Widows, Orphans and Vulnerable youth in their locality

Rural Widows and Orphan Foundation (RUWOF)  Inc  is linked and supported  in terms of Human Resource by Voluntary Services Overseas  (VSO , ) UK based Charity organisation with linking office in Abuja Nigeria. The Rural Widows and Orphan Foundation is in partnership and networking with the organizations bellow:

  • IITA-International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
  • Radio FM Heartland Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.
  • Christian Medical Hospital
  • ECWA Faith based organization
  • Good Partnership with the Government of Imo State of Nigeria
  • Federal Ministry of Women Affairs Nigeria
  • WANGO – International organization
  • Federal Ministry of Health
  • Good relationship with UNAIDS.
  • Rotary Club International,Owerri and Jos Plateau.
  • Abuja Municipal Area Council

Strategic Work plan for the Organisation 2009-2014 to achieve Vision 2020

  • Prioritizing the Problems
  • Developing appropriate goals

We propose a mix of focused human resources and organization development review and analysis, development of systems documents and purpose-specific training/orientation on operationalisation of the systems to be established.
The main activities are

Main Activity: Design of management systems documents
Based on the findings from the review and analysis, a number of management systems documents will be developed
Strengthening the financial base ,improving  manpower planning and development ,strengthen  database management Information Systems including job descriptions for management staff and some selected senior staff, personnel policies and staff appraisal package.
We propose the following deliverables:

  • Financial  support  like Donations/Grants  Scheme to supplement  RUWOF  programmes to support  Widows, Orphans and the Youth
  • Material support like, Relief, Building Materials, Clothes, Fees for the orphans including scholastic requirements, Medical supplies including expertise.
  • Volunteers with different skills to Supplement Manpower Services.
  • Computers to Strength Vocational Skills for Vulnerable School goers in RUWOF
  • Agricultural inputs  like Agro Chemicals  and Equipments to supplement Agricultural Programmes
  • Construction of Clinics ,Skill Training Centres and Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Centres
  • Medical drugs and medical Equipments to treat and care for the affected and infected Widows ,orphans and the vulnerable Communities

1   Visit Rural Widows and Orphan Foundation (RUWOF) I nc,  
       [] to justify RUWOF projects.
2- Visit RUWOF programmes  and projects at Headquarters , Imo State, Gyel, in Bukuru ,Jos  South Local Government Area of Plateau State and other project areas where they are located to  Eval Widows, Orphans and Vulnerable Youth in Nigeria Sub-region ,

Compared Other individuals and NGOS  in Nigeria Sorroundings
Finally, lets join hands and support the poor communities, because the Poor cannot Sleep because they are Hungry and the Rich cannot Sleep because the Poor are Awake!.

For further enquiries, please, do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.

John OKIROR  Odongo

Organisation Development Advisor / Fund –Raise
[+234-7067781600 / 8037034027 /+256-754-457250]