About Ruwof

Rural Widows and Orphans Foundation ( RUWOF) Inc is a non- profit making organization established to fight poverty within the disadvantaged widows –orphans and the youth within the Nigerian Communities through economic livelihoods and provision of better Health Services.
RUWOF was founded in 1998 and incorporated into the Non-Governmental organization sector in 2006 and fully logged in the internet for public viewing.

Our Vision

Creating an environment in which vulnerable widows, orphans and the youth become self reliant and avoid being oppressed.

Our Mission

To establish the empowering interventions in supporting widows, orphans and the youth in the communities by the year 2020.

Our Aims and Objectives

To Strengthen the Health of Widows, Orphans and Vulnerable children through care and medical treatment.

To provide vocational Skills and Education scholarship programmes.

To set up Accessible revolving micro credit facilities for the youth and Widows

To partner with Communities, and other agencies to provide shelter by use of local materials.

To strengthen the advocacy and lobbying for widows and orphans through print and Electronic media.

To enhance the widows, orphans and vulnerable children affected by social and economic disaster through provision of financial and relief support.

To provide straight talk literature through counseling information, education communication and legal support.

To partner with local, national and international agencies in developing Agricultural programmes and cooperative societies accessible to widows and vulnerable youth.

Brief History of Ruwof

RUWOF is the short form of “Rural Widows and Orphans Foundation”. The foundation started in 1998 as a small programme aimed at rendering assistance to the neglected widows and orphans in the rural areas with concentration in a village known as Umuanunu in Nsu Town, Ehime Mbano LGA, in Imo State of Nigeria.

The Foundation was founded by Dr. Hillary Ibe and at the inception the organization had no name. The initial beneficiaries started were 20 widows and 7 Orphans who are indegene of Umuanunu village.

These beneficiaries were encouraged by the way of non-refundable grants of N10,000.00 each to some of them that were strong and have viable businesses to improve their trade while non active ones were given relief materials that helped them considerably

In the year 2000, other widows from the remaining Nsu town-Ezeoke, Umuezeala, Umunuhu, Umuakagu Umuopara, Umuduru, Agbaghara, Umudumeze pleaded to be included in the scheme.

As a result of the inclusion of the widows from other communities, the scheme was named “Divine Project”. With this development, formalization of the programme and scheme started. In 2002, an office for the programme was opened at plot P1 Onitsha Road Owerri using part of the family building for a start as coordinating, Logistics and administrative office.

In the same year, the number of widows and orphans participating in the scheme rose to about 298. As a result of the increase in the numerical strength of the widows, the resources to assist them became inadequate.

In 2005, the number of beneficiaries rose to 682. This development led to the application which was made to the Corporate Affairs Commission to be registered as a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) with the name “RURAL WIDOWS AND ORPHANS FOUNDATION”. On 3rd May, 2006, it was eventually registered as RURAL WIDOWS AND ORPHANS FOUNDATION.

This foundation which has fully covered 27 Local Government Areas of Imo State made up of 34 operating centres in the State and 6 operating centres in the Northern part of the Country namely: Gyel and kuru in Plateau State, Kubwa, Bwari, AMAC and Kuje area councils in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).